Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Jay Ritter, DDS

Patient reviewed on  March 6th, 2018
Dr Ritter is such a wonderful provider that I take every opportunity to recommend him to friends, family & colleagues. He is a professional, takes time out to speak with you and is reasonably priced. His staff is also wonderful. They work with you scheduling appointments and do not overbook. I highly recommend Dr Ritter for your dental needs.
Patient reviewed on  March 6th, 2018
he is a great dentist very friendly exellent work I Would highly recommend him
Patient reviewed on  January 11th, 2018
he is a great dentist very friendly exellent work
Patient reviewed on  July 18th, 2017
I went in for a complicated procedure and Dr Jay was extremely patient and gentle. He explained everything he was doing and made sure I was comfortable and pain free :) Highly reccomended!
Patient reviewed on  October 7th, 2016
Dr. Jay Ritter is a great dentist. Very thorough, terrific bedside manner. I would highly recommend him. His staff was super too.
Patient reviewed on  August 23rd, 2016
I loved the experience. A very friendly and professional environment. Everybody had a smile and a kind word, and the professional quality was excellent!
Patient reviewed on  April 4th, 2016
Dr Jay Ritter and his team are highly skilled, kind, informative and sensitive to my needs.
Patient reviewed on  January 27th, 2016
Everyone in the office has great bedside manner; I felt like I was being handled carefully. On top of all that, doctor is really good at his craft. Highly recommended.
Patient reviewed on  December 16th, 2015
Dr. Ritter is very thorough and patient. All of his staff is friendly and professional.
Patient reviewed on  October 16th, 2015
Pleasant dental practitioner. He did a decent cleaning for me and his cost was not terrible.
Patient reviewed on  September 24th, 2015
Dr. Jay Ritter is one of the best specialists in our city. Exceptionally inviting and amicable. Most likely prescribe this specialist.
Patient reviewed on  August 15th, 2015
Extraordinary staff and administration here at this dental office. The dental practitioner and his staff were proficient and on time as well.
Patient reviewed on  July 14th, 2015
Extraordinary Dentist! I will exceedingly prescribe him. He is extraordinary with my children as well, exceptionally patient and comprehension.
Patient reviewed on  May 17th, 2015
I can say that this dental practitioner is experience and did a great a job, it was worth heading to his Massapequa office for my visit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Patient reviewed on  March 12th, 2015
Dr. Jay Ritter is a magnificent dental specialist, he made a brilliant job, my teeth looks and feels extraordinary, and his office is perfect and has the most recent hardware.
Patient reviewed on  January 15th, 2015
This was the simplest visit ever. I was so at comfort, In fact I fell asleep in the chair. I am generally sweating and all stressed up. The entire staff was great.
Patient reviewed on  December 4th, 2014
I am often terrified about going to the dentist but Dr. Jay Ritter made me feel exact at home. I would totally advise him to others. I love his friendly staff, too.
Patient reviewed on  October 26th, 2014
When Dr. Jay Ritter was working with my teeth, he was very clear and gentle. He made accurately and refined movements. I will fix my necessary next visit.
Patient reviewed on  July 21st, 2014
Dr. Jay Ritter was to the point and no more extra discussion. He treated me with the utmost respect and the office was clean or easy going.
Patient reviewed on  May 22nd, 2014
I feel very grateful to have Dr. Jay Ritter for a dentist. He is completely professional. He is trustworthy and knows his stuff.
Patient reviewed on  December 18th, 2013
I was recommended to Dr. Jay Ritter by a friend who was extremely pleased with his results and I felt so far he has been excellent.
Patient reviewed on  December 16th, 2013
Dr. Jay Ritter beyond wonderful. Great service. Professional and positive. The office staff is very nice and helpful as well!!! Outstanding Dentist!!!
Patient reviewed on  December 13th, 2013
He is a great dentist who is forward thinking in technology, and he always smiles and calms down the patients. He is very nice and understanding since I was little scared.
Patient reviewed on  July 25th, 2013
Dr. Ritter is understanding and caring, has a clean office, and very polite staff. H is highly recommended!
Verified Patient reviewed on  June 24th, 2013
I am a patient of Dr. Ritter for many years and every time I received good service. His office is modern and clean, his staff are caring and helpful, and he has flexible working hours. I recommend many of my coworkers and friends to this practice and would continue to do so.
Patient reviewed on  May 21st, 2013
Great Dentist! I will highly recommend him. He is great with my kids too, very patient and understanding.
Verified Patient reviewed on  April 15th, 2013
I can say that this dentist is experience and does a good job, it was worth driving to his Massapequa office for my visit. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Verified Patient reviewed on  April 3rd, 2013
Dr. Jay Ritter is a wonderful dentist, he did an excellent job, my teeth looks and feels great, his office is clean and has the latest equipment.