Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Patrick Sciortino, DDS

Patient reviewed on  August 18th, 2015
Dr. is polite, explains things clearly, and very easy to work with. His office staff is fantastic and very nice. I highly recommend him.
Patient reviewed on  June 21st, 2015
I am glad that I discovered a decent dental specialist right in my neighborhood. Close to the advantageous area, the dental practitioner does extraordinary work. He is one of few dental specialists who take pride in his work.
Patient reviewed on  March 7th, 2015
Everybody was truly cordial. Dr. Patrick Sciortino is one of the best dental specialists I have ever met.
Patient reviewed on  February 14th, 2015
Dr. Patrick Sciortino was great !!!! I was seen in a half hour. He knew precisely how to take care of my issue. Exceedingly recommend!!!It was brisk once I was seen. Extremely proficient.
Patient reviewed on  January 10th, 2015
Dr. Patrick is simply great. I am totally cheerful and fulfilled by my visit. Adored the administration.
Patient reviewed on  December 11th, 2014
When I visit Dr. Patrick facility the environment was very soothing. He had a decent and proficient staff. His managing patients are superb.
Patient reviewed on  November 11th, 2014
Dr. Patrick is superb professional. Their method for working is magnificent. I am very inspired by their managing. They are mindful of each procedure which is utilized as a part of treatment. His work has a quality.
Patient reviewed on  October 14th, 2014
I am experiencing an awful pain in my tooth so I went to Dr. Patrick center without wasting time, they gave me treatment which issues me an extraordinary help. This demonstrates the flawlessness of a specialist.
Patient reviewed on  September 4th, 2014
I am suffering from a very bad pain in my tooth so I visited Dr. Patrick clinic without wasting time, they give me treatment which gives me a great relief. This shows the perfection of a doctor.
Patient reviewed on  April 27th, 2014
Dr. Patrick is hard core professionalist. Their way of working is superb. I am highly impressed by their dealing. They are aware of every technique which is used in treatment. His work has a quality.
Patient reviewed on  March 26th, 2014
When I visit Dr. Patrick clinic the environment was very friendly. He had a very good as well as professional staff. His dealing with patients is excellent.
Patient reviewed on  March 11th, 2014
Dr. Patrick is just perfect. I am completely happy and satisfied with my visit. Loved the service.
Patient reviewed on  December 18th, 2013
Dr. Patrick Sciortino was great!!!! I was seen in a half hour. He knew exactly how to solve my problem. Highly recommend!!!It was quick once I was seen. Very professional.
Patient reviewed on  December 16th, 2013
Everyone was really friendly and knowledgeable especially the dental assistant. Dr. Patrick Sciortino is one of the best dentists I have ever met.
Patient reviewed on  December 12th, 2013
Hard to park in the area but dr sciortino is an excellent dentist. My entire family goes here.
Patient reviewed on  July 15th, 2013
The staff here were very helpful. When i called to make an appointment the receptionist was friendly. She answered all of my questions about insurance and co-payments that I had. When I went to the office the staff were the same, nice and polite. The dentist did a great job cleaning my teeth. I have a couple of upcoming appointments for fillings.
Verified Patient reviewed on  June 27th, 2013
I am happy that I found a good dentist right in my neighborhood. Beside the convenient location, the dentist does great work, he is one of the few dentist who takes pride in his work.