Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Supriya Verma, DMD, FAGD

Patient reviewed on  January 4th, 2018
Entire staff including Dr. Verma was extremely personable and professional which is very important to me. Communication was impeccable. I will be back and have already referred a friend.
Patient reviewed on  July 27th, 2017
Very nice office. Staff was great. Felt comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Dr. Supriya was friendly, professional and thorough.
Patient reviewed on  March 7th, 2016
I was unsatisfied with the attention I was getting from my existing dentist and decided I would make a change. I had been experiencing jaw and neck discomfort and wanted to find a dentist who could not only take care of my teeth but help address the discomfort I was experiencing. That search led me to Dr. Supriya Verma. She is a warm and very attentive person who takes a holistic approach to practicing dentistry. Her confidence and reassuring manner put me at ease right away. During our first v
Patient reviewed on  February 1st, 2016
I am changing into 16th aligner and 7 months in, I can definitely see the changes. My bottom teeth used to be very crowding, now they are so much better. Wearing invisalign can be inconvenient sometimes but I got used to it after the first month. On the bright side invisalign helps me formed good habits like brushing my teeth whenever I finished meals and eating less snacks in between meals. I am very happy about my overall invisalign experience. Dr. Verma is very professional and helpful, she c
Patient reviewed on  December 15th, 2015
I have great pleasure in writing this review for Dr. Supriya Verma. I have received dental treatment, whenever needed, for the past five years from Dr. Verma. She has provided me with best professional care and treatment whenever I needed it. I am greatly benefitted and very impressed with her fund of knowledge and professional expertise. During my office visits, I have received valuable advise about preventive home dental care which has immensely helped me. I consider Dr. Verma one of the best
Patient reviewed on  November 5th, 2015
Dr. Verma is very professional and helpful, she checks on my progress and keeps me motivated during the process.
Patient reviewed on  October 18th, 2015
Dr. Supriya Verma has a pleasing personality with excellent communication skills. She interacts with the patient with care and compassion. Her advise to the patient in followup care is highly effective and valuable to the patient. I consider it my pleasure and privilege to recommend Dr. Supriya Verma as dentist.
Patient reviewed on  September 19th, 2015
Great professional who enjoys what she does - and it shows.
Patient reviewed on  June 4th, 2015
Dr Verma was one of our brightest and gifted participants at The Pankey Institute in Florida, dentistry's premier continuing education venue. Every current or potential patient of Dr Verma should know what a wonderful, dedicated doctor she is and her commitment to be one of the very best in our profession. Dr Verma has deep compassion for her patients and makes considerable, uncommon sacrifice to educate herself so she can offer her very best. You won't find a better dentist than Dr Verma virtua