Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Adalgiza Sandoval, LCSW-R, Psy.D

Patient reviewed on  January 19th, 2017
My daughter went to Dr. Sandoval for about 1 year. As a parent I was pleased with Dr. Sandoval and how she helped Melissa.
Patient reviewed on  June 28th, 2016
Dr. Adalgiza Sandoval is a very good listener and pays attention to pertinent details. I felt much understood by her & gently guided towards working on my goals. I left feeling hopeful.
Patient reviewed on  April 2nd, 2016
My visit was good. The receptionist was very helpful & the Dr. Adalgiza was nice.
Patient reviewed on  January 11th, 2016
I was quite nervous when I first came to the office, but Dr. Adalgiza made feel very comfortable. She helped me address my needs in my internal and external life. It feels like a true partnership.
Patient reviewed on  December 13th, 2015
I highly recommend Dr. Adalgiza. I felt much supported and at the same she provided me with amazing tools for change that I can use when I'm not with her.
Patient reviewed on  November 17th, 2015
I am very pleased with how prompt & thorough Dr. Sandoval is. She is sensitive and has helped me change my life.
Patient reviewed on  September 28th, 2015
Personable and professional. A bit soon to rate after only one session, but positive first impression.
Patient reviewed on  July 22nd, 2015
She was great! Very professional and understanding. Good listener, gets down to business, but kind and caring.
Patient reviewed on  May 22nd, 2015
Dr Sandoval is a wonderful psychologist. Thoughtful. Patient. And most importantly, she has a sense of humour. Highly recommended.
Patient reviewed on  March 18th, 2015
My visit went very well. Dr. Sandoval office was comfortable. Our interaction was helpful and communication was easy. I intend to see her again and feel confident in recommending her services.
Patient reviewed on  January 12th, 2015
I see her every so often,she is easy to talk to. Always supportive, thoughtful, authentic, and helpful in terms of problem solving. I would recommend her.
Patient reviewed on  November 18th, 2014
She is very professional, and comfortable to work with. I would highly recommend her.
Patient reviewed on  September 23rd, 2014
She is very helpful and understanding. Easy to talk to.
Patient reviewed on  July 22nd, 2014
My experience with Dr Sandoval has been wonderful. She was so kind and considerate with my mental issues. She listened and made recommendations that really helped me move forward with my life. She is a professional in her field and I am honored to have been her patient. James W
Patient reviewed on  July 20th, 2014
Dr. Adalgiza Sandoval is a thoughtful, caring, and inspiring counselor who cares more about her clients than profit. I would recomend her services to all my friends and family. Jousha J.
Patient reviewed on  March 15th, 2014
Psychotherapy is an incredibly complex and confusing field and choosing the wrong approach can cause devastating emotional issues. Dr Sandoval is very well educated in this field and has helped me overcome my mental problems. Jenny M
Patient reviewed on  January 10th, 2014
Dr. Adalgiza Sandoval is very competent in helping her patients. She is incredible and provides key information to make informed decisions about mental health care. She has extensive knowledge and and helped me solve my issues. She is the best. Juan A