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Professional Statement

  • For 25 years, Dr. Fenster has pursued both a professional and personal passion to help heal patients. His passion dates back to childhood, when he suffered horribly from headaches and the prescribed medicine offered short term, but never permanent relief. Ever since, he has been passionate about identifying drug-free solutions to myriad health problems.
  • As a chiropractor, Dr. Fenster is committed to going beyond the exploration of symptoms to identify the root causes of his patients’ ailments, embracing both the art and science of human body. His renowned success at providing patients with long-term solutions that relieve their symptoms while also improving their overall health has made him the “chiropractor of choice” in New York and even worldwide for numerous business leaders, professional athletes, celebrities and countless others.
  • Dr. Fenster’s approach to healing combines X-ray images with an exploration of each patient’s health history – including an assessment of their drug and treatment history, and their comfort level of being touched. Two patient stories are especially indicative of Dr. Fenster’s approach, and make him particularly proud: the first involves nutritionist who came to him desperate for relief from a long-term struggle with irritable bowel syndrome and chronic headaches. Through chiropractic care, he helped heal her of these debilitating conditions. In a second instance, Dr. Fenster used chiropractic care to help a patient battle mental instability. In each case, Dr. Fenster’s commitment to treating the “whole patient” proved essential to finding solutions where conventional approaches failed in the past.
  • Dr. Fenster nurtures his own healing mentality by practicing what he preaches: he is committed to continuous professional education, and pursues a healthy lifestyle with his wife, Jan (a yoga instructor) and their three children – only one of whom has ever taken an antibiotic.


  • Life Chiropractic College West

Board Certifications

  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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