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Professional Statement

  • I have found that relationships are where people experience the greatest difficulty in their lives. In therapy, we have an opportunity to identify repetitive patterns and assumptions that interfere with starting and maintaining a satisfying relationship. I use an analytically informed approach, believing that past experiences affect present life, while maintaining a focus on the person’s present life and interactions; also using the relationship between patient and therapist as a valuable source of information. Additionally, I see many people who come in with anxiety or depression that they recognize is out of proportion to their circumstances, and which seems to have no apparent source. I also work with people burdened by narcissistic issues that make it difficult to reach compromises with others. With over 30 years of private practice experience, I have been a therapist to many people, resolving issues such as sexual identity questions, low self-esteem, difficulty coping with stress, self-sabotage, lack of confidence, problems with ageing, as well as numerous others.
  • With patient and therapist working together, developing trust, the patient may allow him or herself to reflect about thoughts that have been too difficult to face alone. Often, people experience feelings they don’t even know how to identify, as they’ve never had someone to teach them what a feeling represents. We work together to develop the person’s internal resources as life always presents difficulties; it is our capacity to cope with these challenges that makes a difference.
  • I bring a blend of warmth and intellectual energy to my work, seeing each person as unique, in individual therapy. I have a doctorate in clinical psychology from Boston University and completed psychoanalytic training at the New York University Postdoctoral Program. I teach psychology interns at Lenox Hill Hospital and psychiatry residents at Mt. Sinai Hospital. I also supervise at two psychoanalytic training institutes and doctoral clinical psychology programs.


  • Boston University, PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • New York University (Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis)
  • Columbia University, Barnard College (Bachelor’s)

Awards and Publications

  • Lou Linn Award for Excellence in Teaching Mt. Sinai Hospital 2014

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association
  • New York State Psychological Association
  • International Psychoanalytical Association
  • Contemporary Freudian Society
  • Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

Language Spoken

  • English