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Professional Statement

  • I am a practicing clinician of over 20 years offering psychodynamic and cognitive-behavior psychotherapy to adults and teens. Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) focuses on the development of concrete problem-solving techniques and is often ideal for problems that are highly acute and/or relatively circumscribed. Psychodynamic therapy examines emotional conflicts in relation to broader aspects of one's personality and life history. Its objective is to help individuals identify and overcome fears which may be unconscious and sometimes counter-intuitive.
  • I am interested in helping clients address internal obstacles that may affect work, intimate relationships, and creative endeavors as well as specific psychiatric problems such as anxiety disorders (panic, social phobia) and affective conditions including depressive and bipolar disorders. I also have specialties in substance abuse and coping with acute or chronic medical conditions.
  • My personal style is open and direct. I was previously Director of the Outpatient Referral Service of the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia and am familiar with a diverse range of mental health specialists and programs. After assessing your needs I can facilitate referrals to such resources if needed.


  • Drexel University (PsyD)

Language Spoken

  • English