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Professional Statement

  • Dr. Morgano has worked in private practice since 2002 at locations in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  • Western Medicine
  • Dr. Morgano trained at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and afterward completed 3 years of residency and fellowship training. The first year of residency was a general podiatric medicine residency. The second year a surgical residency and the 3rd year a surgical fellowship. Since his training in the traditional approach taught in podiatric school and residencies/fellowship, Dr.Morgano has branched out exploring more refined surgical approaches such as minimal invasive surgery and is a fellow of the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery. This method seeks to preserve the natural structures of the foot while accomplishing surgical correction of many bony and soft tissue deformities.
  • Eastern Medicine
  • Dr. Morgano is a practicing Reflexologist, is currently training Energy Kinesiology, utilizes elements of Chinese Sports Medicine for traumatic and chronic injuries, has studied Tracking and Forensics and incorporates Body Alignment correction, Tai Chi and Meditation techniques in his practice.
  • Internal Arts
  • Dr. Morgano has been teaching Tai Chi, Tibetan Yoga, XingYi and Meditation for years. In his medical practice he utilizes Tai Chi for modifying postural and structural alignment in standing, sitting and movement. He uses Tibetan Yoga (simply, a gentle hybrid of Qi gong and yoga) for opening up the main energy channels, mobilizing the spine, pelvis, internal organs and fascia. Meditation techniques are employed to help bring the attention to body areas of imbalance, breathing patterns, and noticing habitual thought cycles or patterns.
  • NOTE to all patients - 24 hour Cancellation Policy is in effect. Thank you


  • New York School of Podriatic Medicine
  • New York School of Podiatric Medicine (Residency)
  • New York School of Podiatric Medicine (Fellowship)

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery

Language Spoken

  • English