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Professional Statement

  • Dr. Nancy Jacobs became interested in nutrition as a teenager when, after a full year of traditional treatments, the medical community failed to help her with a skin condition. Dr. Jacobs decided to make changes to her nutritional intake and her skin cleared up. Medical research claims that diet does not affect your skin, but does not take into account individuals and only focuses
  • on large numbers of patients and statistics. It became apparent to Dr Jacobs that such research could have misleading interpretations. This experience influenced Dr. Jacobs' current practice, where she advises each patient on a nutritional protocol that suits their
  • unique needs. Her recommendations are based on an analysis of
  • a multitude of personal information which includes medical history,
  • blood work, saliva testing and food sensitivities.
  • Dr. Jacobs studied science and dance while attending the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz. Dr. Jacobs danced and choreographed for a local dance company and injured her back while dancing. Once again traditional medical treatments failed to help her. She decided to try chiropractic and experienced immediate relief. That pivotal moment led her to the decision of becoming a chiropractor. She realized chiropractic could be applied to all of her passions - dance, movement, exercise, nutrition, holistic healing, science and the study of the human body. Dr. Jacobs graduated New Paltz cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She attended the prestigious New York Chiropractic College and graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree with honors.
  • Dr. Jacobs interned at the Levittown Chiropractic Clinic in Levittown, Long Island. After becoming a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, she began her private practice at West Side Chiropractic Center in Manhattan. Dr. Jacobs opened Park Avenue Chiropractic Center in 1982. She is a long standing member of the New York State Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association.
  • Dr. Jacobs continues her studies with numerous post doctoral courses each year. Her educational seminars in nutrition are taught by the most respected nutritionists in the field. She has studied many healing techniques including Brimhall Wellness Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), Sacro Occipital Technique, Activator Technique, Applied Kinesiology, TMJ treatments, Extremity Adjusting, Percussor and Adjustor instrumentation as well as Cold Laser applications. With her dance background, Dr. Jacobs is able to educate her patients on corrective exercises and proper ergonomics. Dr. Jacobs' expertise in numerous areas allows her to attain her goal - to help each patient with their unique health concerns.


  • New York Chiropractic College
  • State University of New York, New Paltz (Bachelor’s)

Awards and Publications

  • Nutrition A-Z: The Practical Approach / Detoxification In conjunction with Logan College of Chiropractic New York, NY 12/10/05 - 12/11/05
  • Logan University (Nutrition and Blood Chemistry)
  • Texas Chiropractic College (Integrative Holistic Therapy and Homeopathy)
  • University of Bridgeport (Nutrition)

Language Spoken

  • English